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  • Name: Bradley M. Broussard
  • Age: 64
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  • Location: Lafayette LA US
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Have been listening to T.O.P. since the 1969....Grew up listening to Soul music all my life...Am fulfilling my "Bucket List" and hope to have several tattoos of the guys before I croak!!!

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    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes !!  I also cant wait for vegas !   we did the three nights at southpoint a few years ago, it was great.   see ya there !

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  2. 09/22/11

    Hey Bradley, I didn't see the situation as you described it but I did see you waiting as other fans went through the line. I don't know how many shows I have been too but I rarely approach the guys unless they have arranged for a meet and greet.  When they played in Wichita, Kansas in May, they came out front to sign autographs etc.  They seemed most gracious to the fans there.  I had a set list signed in St. Louis several years ago and had my 40 year anniversary poster signed in Des Moines, Iowa a year or so ago.

    When I was in Minneapolis in December of 2010, I had pictures with Mic, David and Larry.  I had previously had interaction with Mic on the old Tower message board and he remembered me from there.  All in all, keep the faith and don't let the situation cause you too much stress.  Don't stop posting.  Say what you have to say and that's all you can do.

    The Funky Judge,

    Ed McClelland


    Reply from bradleybroussard:

    Hey Ed so nice to meet you at S.P...Sorry we didn't chat longer...About the post I just so happen to have run a copy of it before Brian deleted it ...If you don't mind giving me your home address I'd be more than happy to send you a copy , if you'd like to send it to my email address its ('s worth a stamp to tell others of my meeting with LAAAAARRRRYYY...As far as what  I was told by Brian he couldn't find any faults with it as far as it being true, and only pulled it because of the "NEGATIVITY" of the post....He said such post should be posted on other websites like Face book or My Space...what I feel like doing is posting it on TOWERS Face book page... I know he contacted L.B. and couldn't find any lies on my account of what happened.. Due to the length of the post it's totally truthful...I would have never wasted the time and energy to post a LIE....Take care hopefully we'll meet again in the future...It was still a blast even though DISSED!!....Bradley Broussard...
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    Hey Bro. - I guess I missed it, but I seen your title of being dissed by LB - then it got dropped by Philly B - It's cool though Brother, he jacked me too last year in Merced Ca, after the show I walked up to him and Rocco and I aske LB if Emilio would be coming out and he said " Why we aint good enough ?" It wasn't a matter of them not being good enough, but I have a very serious lung desease and I had almost lost my life twice at that point and I wanted a Picture with Emilio, you know for my kid's and grand kids to know how special Tower is to me. My old person the former man of the past would have blasted him, I wouldn't of cared who he is, he aint all that anyway.... But you know what I take into the fact that he was trying to hit on some old scrappy broad and I guess I interupted him in the middle of him laying down his credentials - but you what that night Mic was on point man, he tried to get Mimi but I guess he was eating because of some program he was on with some supplements ( Oh Well) I didn't get the picture, but hey man I'm still alive dude. But we have to take into consideration that these guy's to are only human, and we don't know what they are going through in life personally or spiritually, physically or mentally.... I was gonna rack LB for what he did to me but I let it go cause he aint good enough not with that attitude... But Im sure he has better days too. I have seen Tower of Power 73 times and never have I got a pic with Emilio - man he should come to my house for the money Ive put into them - But seriuosly man, don't hold it against LB or the Fellas or Philly B for that matter - We all love you man your part of the Tower Fan Family, we enjoy your posts & comments - God Bless.

               Big Tower Fan


    Reply from bradleybroussard:

    It's all cool and thanks for responding...What Brian did was "not cool" though.. At the very start of the post I said it would probably be deleted...I tell you what, If you wouldn't mind giving me you home address I'd love to send you a copy that I ran before Brian axed it....I'd love for others to see that it was done it good taste and HAD to be done...My email address is ( if you'd like to send your address there... Thanks again for responding.....It just left a bad taste in my mouth...Oh... and I have 40 shows under my belt, I'll never catch up to you!! ...Bradley Broussard..